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Masterpost of Masterposts
A note from tawg: This is my dumping ground. It saves people having to trawl through my personal lj and various communities to find my fic, and acts as a way for me to keep track of everything. The vast majority of fics listed here link to comms and commentfic memes, so if anything seems broken, please let me know. Also, this list is permanently out of date. I appologise for this.

Hot Fuzz/Britcom Masterpost

Glee Masterpost

Supernatural Masterpost

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It'll be interesting to see how seriously you take this challenge :p

Well, I COULD stalk you, but I didn't even know we had a country in common until five minutes ago. :) So I think I shall stick to stalking your fic. It seems like much less effort.

I gotta admit, knowing that you didn't research my location has me questioning your skills as a stalker.


If you were in the fourteenth century I promise I would have researched your location properly. Don't take it personally.

Lol. Well, okay. But if I ever get sucked back in time to the 14th century, I expect you to be the one to figure out my location.

Shall do. Just make sure you leave your surname all over hte national archives in approximately 18 different spellings.

Misspell my name multiple times? DONE!

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